Block - a term used to identify molded EPS products, usually modified with a flame retardant additive, destined for end-use in the construction or foam fabrication markets.
Board - term used for molded or extruded polystyrene foam when the product is cut or trimmed to its final dimensions and ready for shipment.
Boardfoot - common measure in the EPS and XPS industry to signify 1 inch by 1 foot by 1 foot of product.
Buoyancy - uplift due to hydrostatic (water) pressure.
Compressible inclusion - a material of lower modulus (geofoam) placed within or between a fill (soil) and a structural element (wall) to induce movement and stress distribution.
Compressive strength - the stress developed at 5 or 10 percent strain in a uniaxial test.
Creep - long-term deformation under constant load.
Density - mass per unit volume.
Fill - soil or geofoam placed above grade or to back fill an excavation.
FPSF - frost protected shallow foundation.
Geofoam - block or planar low-density cellular plastic foam solids used in geotechnical applications.
Geotechnical - an area of civil engineering specialty concerned with geological materials, earth structures and foundations.
Initial Modulus - slope of a stress-strain curve at low strain levels.
Insulation - a material of high R-value that functions as a heat barrier.
Interface friction - a measure of shear resistance at the interface of two bodies or different materials.
Internal friction - a measure of shear strength within a material.
Lateral stress - load per unit area in a lateral direction.
Light weight fill - fill material of lower density than soil.
re-Puff - term that refers to pre-expanded polystrene resin beads prior to block molding or board extrusion.
R-value - a measure of resistance to heat flow through a unit width of material expressed in moC/W (hr.ft2.oF/
Seating error - an initial lag of a stress-strain curve resulting from non uniform contact.
Shear modulus - the ratio of shear stress to shear strain.
Strain rate - deformation per specimen height per time.
Vertical stress - load per unit area in the direction of gravity.
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