Airport, Jackman, Maine

The runway, taxiway and apron of an airport in Jackman, Maine were reconstructed with XPS geofoam insulation as part of the pavement structure in the Summer of 1986 (Kestler and Berg 1994). A total of about 150,000 board meters of 51 mm XPS geofoam insulation was installed. The design objective was to provide total frost protection for the wet silty subgrade. Observations during the first winter following construction indicated unexpected and substantial frost penetration beneath the insulation. Subsequent investigation of paved areas that performed poorly indicated damaged and separated insulation panels. In 1987, four test sections were constructed adjacent to the apron area under tight construction control. These latter test sections experienced very little frost penetration into the subgrade. Experience gained from this project suggests satisfactory performance of geofoam insulation depends on careful design as well as good construction supervision.


Kestler, M.A. and Berg, R.L., (1995) "Case Study of Insulated Pavement in Jackman, Maine." Transportation Research Record No. 1481, Transportation Research Board, Washington, D.C., pp. 47-55.

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